Bali Flag, satin, copper 4 meters

Bali flag, rainbow 4 meters

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Bali feeling in your garden

The "Umbul Umbul" (= tail of the dragon) is also called Bali flag, temple flag, prayer flag or garden flag in this country. In Bali it is not only used in Hindu celebrations and ceremonies, but all year round, a symbol of the presence of the gods. It is also finding its way into western cultural circles. Happiness, prosperity and joy shall bring the Umbul Umbul, as well as keep evil forces away.

With the Balinese temple flags the respective colors have their own meaning e.g:

  • Red for courage
  • White for purity
  • Yellow for evermore
  • Green stands for peace
  • Blue for glory
  • Black symbolizes power.

However, there are no limits to the western imagination. Last but not least, these flags are a colourful eye-catcher in your garden, in front of your shop or at parties - an accessory of a special kind.

For 4 m you will also need a bamboo pole with 4.50 m or a 4 m telescopic pole. Delivery without bar.

The colours may differ from the illustration.

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