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Seated Dewi Sri - Bali's Rice Goddess, 35 cm H

Beautiful seated Rice Goddess made of pressed stone (solid casting), height 35 cm, hand-painted

Product number: P-SSH-035AF
Dimensions: ca.20 x 10 x 35 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg
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Dewi Sri is considered an important fertility goddess, especially in Bali and Java. She regulates all life, directs above all in her function as moon goddess the flourishing of food, which grows on earth and certainly over death, which lets plants like animals and humans return to her lap. Thus it also commands over the underworld and the other world. Since rice is the main food of this region, Dewi Sri is above all the revered rice goddess. She is portrayed as a goddess of unusual beauty. She is always portrayed as youthful, supple and slender.

The sculpture was made of cast stone and finished with a finish. The colouring may vary and fade due to weathering.

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