Laying monk, 80 cm L

Laying monk made of pressed stone (solid casting), 80 cm wide, hand-painted, antique finish

Product number: PL-LM-080AF
Dimensions: ca.80 x 57 x 41 cm
Weight: 73 kg
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According to Indian tradition, Buddhist monks wear a yellow or reddish monk's robe, shear their hair and live as wandering ascetics. They spend the days in meditation and teaching the disciples and live from the meatless food they beg for daily during their morning alms walk and which they have to eat before noon. While these rules are still generally accepted in some Buddhist countries, in Japan they are only followed by a small part of the Buddhist clergy. Nevertheless, many characteristics by which Buddhist monks are recognized are ultimately determined by the original ideal of poverty.

The sculpture was made of hollow-cast stone and finished with a finish. This process saves enormous weight and the article is much lighter! The colouring may vary and fade due to weathering.

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