Elephant, stone from lava (grey), 80cm high

Elephant, lava stone (grey), 80 cm high

Product number: L0165
L x W x H: ca.45x105x80 cm
Weight: 350 kg
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Exhibit - Original from Indonesia - Single piece

Item description:

80 cm lava stone elephant, natural stone

  • Type of stone: Lava stone
  • hand-carved from the solid stone
  • each object is unique
  • weatherproof and frost-proof

Very beautiful stone figure in the shape of an elephant with a beautiful patina. This beautiful elephant is made of lava stone and comes from Bali in Indonesia. Lava stone from Indonesia is a very hard stone from Java that is mined in the quarry. Lava stone is frost-proof and can be wintered outside.

Lava stone elephant

This wonderfully processed sculpture made of grey lava stone
is an absolute highlight in your garden or living area.
In central Java the stone is found and processed.

The elephant is the symbol of the element "earth" and symbolizes power, wisdom, peace, happiness, strength, firmness and stands for a long life.
For thousands of years the elephant has been a popular symbol of luck.
Its power and strength protects everyone close to it, because an elephant values family, friendship and love!
It helps to cope with obstacles, or to avoid them.
It stands in particular for knowledge and wisdom and is therefore the ideal companion for all learners

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