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Cube with printed motive, "John Lennon", 40 cm

Product number: M1-CUBEMOTIV-DIV-033X033X040_001
Dimensions: ca.33 x 33 x 40 cm
Weight: 7 kg
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Cube with printed motive, "John Lennon" 40 cm

This extraordinary object will definitely attract attention.
Expressive and recycled - a statement for the individual taste.
It was made in a small workshop by a resourceful graduate of the famous "Institute of the Arts" (Java, Indonesia).

Pop-Art from oil barrels

The barrels are disassembled and then put back into new amazing form to become furniture, sculptures, exotic wall reliefs and pop masks - the range is immense.
Find a small selection, here.

The oil drums are made of galvanized, thick-walled sheet metal.
Some objects are painted in colour on the outside and inside shiny chrome. The artist works in accordance with the object sometimes with the one, sometimes with the other surface.

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