Moai head, 30 cm H

Stone giant from the Easter Island made of natural stone (basanite), unique, height 30 cm

Product number: CST-MOAI-030NA
Dimensions: ca.15 x 12 x 30 cm
Weight: 5.5 kg
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The mysterious Moai sculptures have defied rain and wind for centuries, firing the imagination of researchers and dreamers. About 890 monumental stone sculptures of various sizes are located on Easter Island.
The Rano Raraku volcano was their sacred place of origin. How old the Moai's are cannot be determined with certainty. Archaeologists agree that Easter Island was settled around the 4th or 5th century AD and that the natives started to finish altars and first statues relatively quickly after that. The Moai's with round or angular heads and eye sockets are said to have been created from about the 12th to 13th century AD, the more modern Moai's (mainly at Rano Raraku) from about the 15th/16th century AD.

Our handmade sculptures are all real unique pieces (unicums). They come from a stonemason village in Indonesia. Every sculpture becomes a real eye-catcher in your garden.

Our sculptures are not perfect!

They are created by hand from natural material. Handcrafting offers no second attempt; each blow with hammer and chisel, once executed, is irrevocable.

Rock inclusions and/or small chips are testimony to the naturalness of the material and the dedicated craftwork of the artists and are therefore not to be considered a flaw.

Please keep this in mind if you decide to buy a hand-cut sculpture from Indonesia.

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