Khmer head with base water feature, (ca. 85 cm H)

Khmer head with base as water feature, ca. 75 cm H, cast stone, antique finish

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Dimensions: ca.36 x 46 x 95 cm
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Khmer head (85 cm) as water feature with different top. 46 x 36 x 85 cm. Stone cast, handcrafted & coloured

The sculpture was made of cast stone and finished with a finish. The colour may vary and fade due to weathering, but the finish does not affect the frost resistance. The figures are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Scope of delivery: Khmer head without accessories

Our calming water games are inspired by the famous temples in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Bring fascinating exoticism into your garden and relax at home with this wonderfully soothing sound of water.

The fountains are made of cast stone and finished by hand. Due to this production they are very durable and frost-resistant and therefore very suitable for your outdoor area. In case of frost, however, it must be ensured that the water features are completely emptied.

The sculptures are also coloured superficially in an elaborate process. This is the so-called antique finish. The finish is applied in three steps. In the course of time the finish will weather and the stone will patinate naturally, i.e., turn to verdigris. Of course, the finish has no effect on the frost resistance.

Information about the structure

There are no limits to your imagination and creativity with the water games. A surface of water is sufficient to place the sculptures.

So that the water features at your home run just as "carefree" as they do here, we offer you the appropriate "all-round package". You only need to bury the pools about 35cm into the ground level, connect the pumps with 10m of underground cable, place the load carrier in the middle and place the perforated cover on top. With the enclosed hose the water feature on the lid is connected to the pump in the pool. The covers are equipped with a prepared inspection flap so that you can easily access the pump in the pool and remove it in winter. Finally, you can decorate the pool with gravel as you wish. However, do not choose the gravel too small, otherwise it will fall through the hole!

Ready is the meditative splashing.

The fact that we have no open water surface results in the following advantages: less maintenance, less pollution (leaves falling, animals etc.) and more safety (no falling in). Articles made of fibreglass are frost-resistant.

Overview accessories

Variant: closed basin that can be buried

  • Basin (round) H 33 cm, Ø 90 cm, GFK "Fiberglass" (ArtNo.: GRC-B090HD)
  • Cover plate (round), Ø 90 cm, GFK "Fiberglass" (ArtNo.: GRC-APE090HD)
  • suitable pump / external pump, delivery height max. 170 cm, delivery rate 1000 l/h, e.g. Seliger 1000P (ArtNr.: PUMP-SELIGER1000P)
  • Small accessories: Hose and hose clamp (ArtNo.: DL-VERB-H2O)

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