Spring, model "Verona", complete set, height 120 cm

Complete set: spring model "Verona" made of natural stone (basanite), complete set including a pump, tap,copper tubing, drilled holes etc., height 120 cm, stonemason's work

Product number: CST-WS3A-120NA
Dimensions: ca.70 x 75 x 120 cm
Weight: 450 kg
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The fountain consists of 2 parts, the stele and the basin. The stele can be fixed to the pool with tile adhesive, for example.

The basin has a height of about 50 cm. Together with the stele with a height of 120 cm, the large standing fountain Verona captivates by harmonious proportions.

This well was worked from the full basanite rock. The characteristic green colouring of the lava stone gives the fountain its authenticity.

Of course you will receive this unique piece with all accessories (external centrifugal pump, water tap, boreholes, etc.).

For objects made of basanite, which are used as water containers, the stone should be hydrophobicised beforehand.

Our sculptures are not perfect!

They are created by hand from natural material. Handcrafting offers no second attempt; each blow with hammer and chisel, once executed, is irrevocable.

Rock inclusions and/or small chips are testimony to the naturalness of the material and the dedicated craftwork of the artists and are therefore not to be considered a flaw.

Please keep this in mind if you decide to buy a hand-cut sculpture from Indonesia.

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